Edge One™ includes a high performance MQTT Message Broker that connects all the applications, container modules and services of the platform. The Edge One™ Message Broker was designed for high performance and is capable of scaling the message throughput based on the available resources of the Edge One™ host system.

The MQTT Broker tab displays information about the status and operation of the Edge One™’s internal broker.

The top right of the page displays the average inbound number of messages per second and the timestamp of the last message received by the broker.

Connected Clients

The connected clients panel displays the following information:

  • ID which is the unique string identifier of each client.
  • User Name which is the name of the user that has started the client.
  • IP Address is the address used by the client.
  • Connected displays how long the client has been connected to the broker.
  • Subscriptions indicates how many subscriptions to topics the client currently has.
  • Inbound (msg/sec) indicates the number of messages received by the broker from the client every second.
  • Actions allows to view more details about a specific client connection.
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Inbound Throughput

This real tiem chart displays the number of messages that the Edge One™’s internal message broker receives very second.

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The Subscriptions table displays the topics with subscriptions on the Edge One™ Internal Message Broker and which clients are subscribed to them.

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Last updated on 6th May 2021