What is the Plug-ID?

The Plug-ID is a unique identifier required for all devices that connect to the CloudPlugs platform including Prototypes, Things and Controllers. Plug-IDs are issued by the platform for each connected device and for Production Templates. Plug-ID’s for Prototypes are immediately visible since the platform assigns one to the Prototype when the user creates it.

Production Templates are generated by Prototypes and have their own Plug-IDs which always start with the prefix “mod-”.

Plug-ID’s for Production Things and Controllers are generated by the platform when the appropriate credentials are used by the Thing or Controller to enroll into the platform.

When a SmartPlug™ is used to connect to CloudPlugs with valid enrollment credentials, it receives its Plug-ID automatically and saves it into the local encrypted No-SQL database.

When a library is used to connect to CloudPlugs, the Plug-ID must be retrieved programmatically using the library’s methods to perform this operation.

More details on the use of Plug-ID credentials can be found here.

The Plug-ID in combination with the Hardware ID or serial number constitute the full identity of a connected device.

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Last updated on 23rd May 2019