Device Profile

The Device Profile (Profile) panel under General (Profile) of a Prototype displays and allows the configuration of the device’s:

It also allows you to create a Production Template with the Create Production Template (Create Template) button.

To Save any modifications click on the Save (Save) or Save and Close (Save & Close) button.

Additional properties

General Properties

The General Properties panel provides the following information:

  • The Name given to the Prototype. The name can be changed and saved.
  • The Plug-ID of the Prototype which is its unique identifier in the platform.
  • Enabled which has two options:
    • Yes which allows the Prototype access to the platform, or
    • No which disables the Prototype’s access to the platform temporarily.
  • Connection status indicates whether the device is currently connected or not.
  • Connection Type indicates whether the device uses a SmartPlug™ agent or a library. If it uses a SmartPlug™ agent, it indicates the version of the SmartPlug™ used.
  • Notes allows to enter comments that you can add to the device’s properties.

Additional Properties

Additional Properties allows to add (Add Properties) or delete (Delete) metadata on a device. The reload (Reload) button allows to refresh the list of properties.

Values are entered as unstructured or structured JSON. For example, you can enter:

Name Value
Configuration "Type A"
Model {
"motherboard": "XX-123",
"daugtherboard": "BB-33""

The result is displayed below.

Additional properties


The Permissions panel allows two functions:

  1. Set a new password for the Prototype. A Prototype’s default password to connect to the platform is the CloudPlugs user account password. Set Password allows you to change the password.
  2. Set the permissions to access other devices and their data. You can:
    • Disable access to other devices. The Prototype will not be able to access any other device’s data or metadata.
    • Enable Read-only permission on all devices. The Prototype will be able to read any other device’s data and metadata.
    • Enable Read & Write permissions on all devices. The Prototype will be able to read and modify other device’s data and metadata.

Once you are done with the settings of the profile, Save ( Save ) or Save and Close ( Save & Close ) the Prototype.

Additional properties
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Last updated on 23rd May 2019