What is the Smartplug™?

The SmartPlug™ is CloudPlugs’ secure, robust, lightweight yet powerful software agent for IoT devices and gateways that can also be deployed on servers and personal computers. It uses the optimized Chrome JavaScript runtime engine and is compatible with thousands of high and low level native open source modules for Node.js.

The SmartPlug™ provides a powerful, secure application sandbox for the development, deployment, management and update of edge device applications and services. It consists of three main components:

  1. An encrypted core process used to control the main agent functions and to communicate with CloudPlugs IoT.
  2. An encrypted local No-SQL database that allows the development of applications that store local data, such as store and forward applications.
  3. An encrypted user/worker process that executes the applications written for the SmartPlug™.

The SmartPlug™ supports multiple operating systems allowing flexibility in deployments. For details on how to install, configure and program it, please refer to the SmartPlug™ documentation.

Multi-Platform and Operating System Support

The SmartPlug™ is available for multiple hardware platforms and operating systems.  If your hardware meets the minimum requirements, the following steps will allow you to quickly connect your Things:

  1. Create Production Template.
  2. In the Template, add a serial number and configure its enroll and control passwords. Save the Template and provision it.
  3. Download & install the version of the SmarPlug™ appropriate for your hardware platform, Operating System and application.
  4. Configure the smartplug.conf file with the Production Template’s Plug-ID, and the device’s serial number and enroll password.
  5. Develop your applications using the SmartPlug App, or upload docker containers to the CloudPlugs IoT Containers registry.
  6. Enable your applications on the Production Template for the Thing that will use the SmartPlug™.
  7. Set any other properties and triggers that the device should inherit from the Production Template.
  8. Connect your device, start the SmartPlug™ process and, as soon as it is enrolled, it will be provisioned with the properties and applications set in its Production Template. The data of any SmartPlug™ applications or containers associated with the device that publish data will be displayed on the Data panel of the Thing running the SmartPlug™.

For details on how to install, configure and run the SmartPlug™, please refer to the SmartPlug™ documentation set.

If you have a project that requires support for additional operating systems and/or hardware please contact us.


  • Operating System: Linux or Mac OSX

  • Memory: 96MB

  • Storage: 32MB

Select and download your SmartPlug™

Platform / OS Linux Ubuntu Core Ubuntu Server Mac OS X
x86 32-bit (e.g., Intel Edison, Intel Galileo, PC’s) Download Download Download
x86 64-bit (e.g., PC’s, servers) Download Download Download Download
armv7 (e.g., BeagleBone Black, Banana Pi, Udoo, Raspberry Pi 2) Download Download
armv6 Download
armv6 for Raspberry Pi A, A+, B, B+ Download
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Last updated on 6th May 2021