CloudPlugs REST Library  1.0.0
for Android


class  RestClient
 A extension for Android. It implements an automatic and transparent mechanism to create an Android service for reliable background execution. The underlying spooler (if any) will automatically be paused and resumed respectively when the Internet connectivity became unavailable and available.
See for further details about the RestClient usage. More...
class  RestHandlerCallback
 Helper class for easy management of with android.os.Handler. It is a wrapper of a custom such that it will be executed inside an android.os.Handler. More...
class  RestService
 An Android service for reliable sending of HTTP requests. This class is for internal usage. Do not create nor destroy this service directly, it is automatically managed by RestClient.

You need to declare this exact service in your AndroidManifest.xml to have it works, so add the following line inside the <application> tag: More...
class  RestSpooler
 A extension to handle Android wake locks for reliable execution when the application is not in foreground. This class is for internal usage. More...