What are SmartPlug Apps?


SmartPlug Apps SmartPlug Apps is the CloudPlugs Application Lifecycle Management platform for edge devices running the SmartPlug™ IoT agent.

The platform includes all the tools for:

  1. Application development through a cloud based Interactive Development Environment (IDE).
  2. Application configuration and provisioning on devices.
  3. Over the Air Application deployment.
  4. Application management through:
    1. Cloud based application repository or application/service store.
    2. Device side application selection, provisioning and management tools.
  5. Over the Air Application updates.

Application Lifecycle

Applications can be developed and provisioned at any time during the lifecycle of a Production Thing device. They can be developed before or after the devices are created. Since they are saved into the App store, they can be provisioned as required.

The SmartPlug Apps console includes:

  1. The Scripts or Application Store panel with various command icons to create, open, delete, clone, refresh the app list and deploy an application.
  2. The Script or Application Editor on the right panel, which allows to input the application code and to Save and Save and Commit it into the Application Store.

For details on the use of the SmartPlug Apps Application Lifecycle Management platform, please refer to the following guides.

  1. SmartPlug Apps IDE for application development, management, deployment, maintenance and updates.
  2. SmartPlug Apps Provisioning and Management.
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Last updated on 6th May 2021