Users Users allows to create and manage the users that have access to a company’s CloudPlugs IoT web desktop management platform.

This guide contains the following content:

  1. Overview of the Users Management Console.
  2. Creating a User.
  3. User Profiles.
  4. Setting Access Permissions on a Device.


Users The Users console allows the Company account administrator to:

  1. Add ( ) new Standard or Viewer users.
  2. Set Production Template access permissions for new or existing users.
  3. Open ( Open ) and modify user profiles and access permissions.
  4. Delete ( ) users.

The image below displays the Users Management console with a few user accounts.

Users Console

You can filter or add columns to the Users management console by clicking on the column section and filter dropdown on the right hand side of each column as shown below.

Users Console with Filters

The next section describes how to add a new user.

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Adding a new user

New users are added by opening the Users icon in the platform’s web desktop.

To add a new user:

  1. Open the Users Management Console by clicking on the Users tile () on the platform’s web desktop.

  2. Click on New ( ).

  3. Enter the user’s email.

  4. Select the user Profile.

  5. Optionally:

    1. Enter the user’s first and last name
    2. Enter the expiration date of the user. After this date, the user access will be automatically disabled from the platform.
    3. Enter the user’s phone number with the format +country code phone number with no spaces.
  6. Set the access permissions to the Company:

    1. Container namespaces.
    2. Production Templates.

    Please note that the Company account includes the devices, applications and data created by all its users.

Once the user is saved, the platform will send the new user an e-mail with instructions that include a button and link to finalize the account activation procedure.

Add a User

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Selecting the User Profile

The CloudPlugs platform currently supports three types of user profiles:

  1. Administrator. This user has full permissions on all users, devices, applications and data in a Company’s account. Administrator can add, modify or delete users and has full permissions to add, delete, modify Production Templates, Things, Controllers, Published Data, SmartPlug Apps and Control Designer applications. This is the user that creates the CloudPlugs IoT account for the company. This user can create Standard and Viewer users.

  2. Standard User. This user has full (Read-Write) permissions to create, and to modify and delete his/her devices, applications and data in the Company account. This user can also be granted read-write permission on all or on a selected number of the Company’s Production Templates.

  3. Viewer User. This user has Read-Only permission to view all, or a selected number of devices, applications and data on the Company’s account. The Viewer User cannot create, modify or delete any device, application or data.

The next section explains how to configure the user’s device access permissions.

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Access Permissions

The Access Permissions section allows the Administrator to define the access to the Company’s devices, applications and data.

The Production Templates selection menu allows the Administrator to set access permissions to all, some, or none of the Production Templates existing in the Company account when the user is created or edited…

If None is selected, a Standard User will only be able to access the Control Designer if enabled in the Company account. If the profile of the user is Viewer, selecting None would make restrict the user access only to the web desktop applications that do not require access permissions.

Every now and then, the browser’s cache might display a shorter list of available Production Templates. If this happens, simply click on the Reload button ( ) to refresh the list.

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Last updated on 6th May 2021