1. System Overview

System The System section of the Edge One™ platform interface displays the main dashboard and several system parameters of the system hosting Edge One™, as well as the reset of several platform elements and the configuration of users.

The Edge One™ System interface includes the following functions:

  • Dashboard. The main Dashboard of the platform providing basic operations and connectivity information.
  • Logs. Edge One™ events, SmartPlug™ and kernel logs.
  • Diagnostics. Network utilities to diagnose the state of the Edge One™ network connections.
  • Kernel modules. List of the kernel modules available on the operating system.
  • Reset. Tools to shutdown or reboot the Edge One™ host, as well as to reset the SmartPlug™ database and to restart the Edge One™ SmartPlug™.
  • USB Devices. Displays all the USB devices available on the system running Edge One™.
  • Users. Allows to create new users and determine the roles for those users.
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Last updated on 6th May 2021