CloudPlugs supports all major embedded hardware and all major programming languages to manage the entire lifecycle of a connected product, from prototyping to deployment and maintenance.  The tutorials are designed to get you started quickly.

Connecting Things requires that devices or gateways have the capability of establishing connectivity through the Internet. To connect your device of choice to CloudPlugs requires a few simple steps:

  1. Create a Prototype in your CloudPlugs account and obtain a Plug-ID.
  2. Select the device hardware platform and a recommended library from the list below.
  3. Download the library and install it.
  4. Open an example included with the library to set the data parameters that your board will be controlling.
  5. Enter the Plug-ID and the controller board port that will communicate with your Thing.
  6. Enter the message that will publish the data read from the Thing.
  7. Save and close the library and your control board will automatically connect your Thing(s) to your CloudPlugs central management console.

All of our libraries are Open Source and hosted on Github so that you can use, contribute, and request features on them easily and at no cost.

If you have a project that requires support for additional hardware, please contact us at %support_email%.

Tutorials Hardware

The tutorials currently available use the following hardware:


auno Arduino Family Connect Arduino boards directly to our platform using ligthweight REST api. raspy Raspberry Pi Plug a Raspberry Pi to the platform unleashing the power of this Broadcom SoC using different libraries.
bblack BeagleBone Black Build quickly a connected product with our platform and BBB’s 1Ghz power. edison Intel Edison Create a blinking LED prototype with an Intel Edison.
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Last updated on 23rd May 2019