Settings Overview

Settings The Settings section of the Edge One™ platform interface allows the configuration of several important parameters through the available tabs as described below:

  • Proxy. Allows the set up of a Proxy to access the CloudPlugs platform.
  • Network. Allows to add, manage and monitor the status of network interfaces, modify the Edge One™ Host Name, DNS configuration and see a list of currently available connections.
  • Time. Allows to set up the date, time and time zone on the gateway.
  • Web Server. Allows the configuration of the certificates and ports of a Web Server to allow remote access to the Edge One™ console.
  • WiFi. Allows the set up of the Edge One™ WiFi connection parameters.
  • WWAN. Allows the set up of a wireless WAN connection to CloudPlugs using a 3G/4G modem.
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Last updated on 23rd May 2019