To understand the key concepts used in the CloudPlugs IoT platform, please view the Video Tutorials and read the articles listed below. It is important that you become familiar with the architecture of the platform and its reliance on channels to allow inter-device and device-application communitions. You must become familiar with the types of devices available (Production Things and Controllers), and their credentials for enrollment and connectivity to the platform. It is critical to understand how to provision devices in the platform using the Production Templates, and how to connect your devices using either one of our connectivity libraries for MQTT, REST or WebSockets or using a SmartPlug™. The SmartPlug™ agent provides the underlying device management and container orchestration functionality for the Edge One™ platform. The Triggers section describes how to use the platform’s cloud based rules based engine to create event based numeric, state or location alarms, actions or reports.

If you plan to connect Industrial devices, a SCADA or Building Management System, please make sure you become familiar with the Edge One™ platform documentation.

The following guides will get you started.

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Last updated on 6th May 2021