Gateway Overview

Gateway The Gateway section of the Edge One™ platform interface includes the Project, MQTT Broker, and Module management tools. The core operations capabilities of the Edge One™ are handled by its gateway functionality enabled by projects. Users can create, configure and manage projects to connect field devices, configure visual workflows, create message routes and more.

The available Edge One™ Gateway functions are described in the respective guides below:

  • Projects. The Project management console. Allows to create, configure, clone or delete projects that use available container modules.
  • License. The Edge One™ license information and activation module.
  • Modules. The container modules available on the Edge One™.
  • MQTT Broker. Status and operations information of the Edge One™ MQTT Broker.
  • MQTT Client. Messages published by the Edge One™ MQTT Client.
  • Data Visualizer Opens a Grafana data visualizer instance which may be configured to visualize Edge One™ data stored in an local InfluxDB datastore container or in and external datastore configured with the Datastore Connector.
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Last updated on 6th May 2021